Destiny 2: Don't Expect To See Xur On Mercury


Xur has wares if you have legendary shards ... just, don't go looking for the shady merchant on Mercury anytime soon. The Destiny 2 team over at Bungie have confirmed that the gear dealer will not be making his planet debut with the new expansion Curse of Osiris out.

Mercury offers a lot of new events, a brand new story, and even a new social space. Maybe it was too new, and Xur just can't hang. One Bungie community support manager took to his social media account to confirm that the mysterious character will not be making an appearance any time soon:

The Flashpoints in game are where the merchant usually pops up, so naturally when the Flashpoint was discovered on Mercury, many just assumed that's where the dealer's next hide-y hole would be. Looks like that's not the case, but it does also bear similarities to the DLC paywall block that caused a lot of controversy. Though Bungie has addressed the "accidental" paywall obstruction, this could be one of those in-game mechanics that got swept under the rug.

At least now Guardians know not to expect him in the new location, especially since two new items will be available with his next appearance, including the Fated Engram that promises new and improved drops for in-game gridning.

Destiny 2, and its expansion Curse of Osiris, is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.