Dungeons & Dragons Cosplayer Stuns With Gelatinous Cube Cosplay

A popular Dungeons & Dragons cosplayer has found a way to make one of the game's creepiest monsters come to live in adorable fashion. Earlier this week, cosplayer Ginny Di revealed her Gelatinous Cube cosplay outfit, which utilized a semi-transparent vinyl over-dress and plenty of accessories to mimic the leftover bones and armor left behind by the unfortunate adventurers who got trapped inside the cube. In a seventeen minute video detailing the making of the dress, Di explained that she was inspired to make the cosplay outfit after one of her Twitter followers repeatedly requested that she make a gelatinous cube outfit. "I think they wanted an actual cube," Di noted in her video. "But the more I thought about the idea, the more I fell in love with a gelatinous cube themed party dress."

The gelatinous cube is one of Dungeons & Dragons' most iconic monsters, a 10 foot tall cube of ooze that mindlessly slides through dungeons. While not very dangerous to experienced adventurers, the cube thrives in poorly lit settings where adventurers simply walk into its range so it can engulf them and then slowly dissolve their corpses. Popular opinion on the gelatinous cube is mixed - with some praising the creature's iconic status while others question its relevancy, especially as adventurers can easily avoid the cube if they're alert. The monster is iconic enough that it has not only appeared in every version of D&D to date, it also got its very own Funko POP! figure earlier this year.

Di was kind enough to provide ComicBook.com with pictures from her gelatinous cube photoshoot, and you should also check out her video about how she made the dress. Di's other work (she's known for her fantastic Critical Role and fantasy cosplay) can be found on her website, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

(Photo: Ginny Di)
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(Photo: Ginny Di)
(Photo: Ginny Di)