Golf Story Sequel Sports Story Announced

Today's Indie World broadcast for Nintendo Switch unveiled a plethora of upcoming indie games coming within the next year. The broadcast kicked off in a major way with the announcement of Sports Story. A sequel to 2017's Golf Story, Sports Story will, naturally, expand the focus to include additional sporting events other than golf. From the trailer, we can see golf, tennis, soccer, and volleyball, plus mash-ups between the various sports. Like the original game, the title is an RPG, and genre staples such as dungeons and mini games are retained, but battles have been replaced by athletic competitions.

It's a bit unsurprising to see a sequel to Golf Story given the game's strong reception. The title was nominated for Best Debut Indie Game at The Game Awards 2017, and won Best Original Sports Game that same year at the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers awards. The Switch exclusive has been a consistently strong seller since its release, and has been called one of the consoles best games. In a review for, Matthew Hayes gave the game a 4/5 rating calling it "The true Mario Golf successor."

Sports Story was one of several titles announced during today's broadcast. While the Golf Story sequel won't arrive until mid-2020, two of today's announced games are now available for download on eShop: Dauntless and The Talos Principle. Dauntless is a free-to-play action-RPG, while The Talos Principle is a puzzle adventure available for $29.99.

Time will tell if Sports Story can manage to live up to the strong reception received by its predecessor. As of this writing, the game is a Switch-exclusive and only expected to arrive on eShop, but Golf Story did receive a physical release from Limited Run Games. The publisher has not made any announcements just yet, but they did ask gamers which of the games announced during the Indie World stream they would like to see receive a physical release. Sports Story would seem to be an extremely likely candidate.


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