Gotham Knights Game Clarifies It's Not Associated With the Show

Gotham Knights is a new game from WB Games Montreal planned for current-gen consoles and PC, but Gotham Knights is also a show coming to The CW next year. The two projects, while separate, share an identical name with logos that could easily be misconstrued for the other, too. It's easy to imagine then that these two DC products would be connected to one another, but the team working on the Gotham Knights game recently clarified that that's not the case and that the two Gotham Knights productions are distinct, separate entities.

The tweet below was shared by the official Gotham Knights Twitter account – the one for the game – on Friday ahead of the game's appearance during Summer Game Fest. This tweet also comes not long after the Gotham Knights show from The CW dropped a new trailer which certainly got people talking about the series for better or worse, so perhaps this is a response to those reactions to better distinguish one Gotham Knights release from the other.

Though there were of course some outliers who were still looking forward to the show, perhaps more so after the trailer, many of the vocal responders questioned the quality of the series and compared it to other teen-focused shows like Riverdale. For a show revolving around the death of Batman and the associated fallout in Gotham where younger heroes have to take up the mantle, that's perhaps not what some DC audiences were looking for.

To be fair, the Gotham Knights game has not been immune to criticisms either. Red Hood used magic powers in one of the latest previews for the game while Nightwing's traversal method of choice was compared to a "Fortnite glider." Batgirl's backstory was also adjusted to remove disability tropes. Warner Bros. also ditched the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Gotham Knights which is somewhat understandable by now but was a letdown regardless to those who were planning on playing the game on those platforms.


Still, the overall opinion of the game seems to be higher than that of the show, at least for now. The game will be out later this year when it launches in October, and we'll see more of it soon during Summer Game Fest. The Gotham Knights TV show releases some time in 2023, so the game will have a bit of a head start as far as the release schedules go.