'GTA Online' Adds 'Rocket League'-esque Bomb Ball

The team over at Rockstar Games has just revealed the latest GTA Online update to go live and in addition to the new festive additions to the game during the cold winter months, they've also added a new mode for players to enjoy that feels pretty similar to Rocket League if you close one eye and squint the other.


Rockstar tells us, "Let's face it: Although you can get behind the naked aggression and anarchic mob-rule, you've never truly understood the rules of soccer. Well, new Arena War Mode Bomb Ball gets rid of all those fussy technicalities and restrictions on violence, and boils things down to the real heart of the matter: shoving enormous explosive devices into the other team's half before they go off. Welcome to the beautiful game."

Bomb Ball is now officially apart of the Arena War Series and for those that log in and play between now and January 14th, double GTA$ and RP will be awarded.

As for the holiday fun, players can get a few other festive presents in addition to the newly adorned Vapid Clique:

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"In addition to the festively adorned Vapid Clique, play today and also receive a bounty of Christmas Day gifts that includes the Up-n-Atomizer Pistol, Liveries for Chernobog, the Slasher Festive Sweater, and enough throwable explosives to start a large-scale conflict. Then, play every day this week to receive even more holiday gifts":

  • Dec. 25 – Vapid Clique, Up-N-Atomizer Pistol, Slasher Festive Sweater, 5 Festive Liveries for the Chernobog, Firework Launcher w/ 10 Firework Rockets, 25 Sticky Bombs, 25 Grenades, 5 Proximity Mines, 5 Molotovs, Full Snacks & Armor
  • Dec. 26 – Blue Bleeder Festive Sweater & Festive Liveries for the Mammoth Avenger
  • Dec. 27 – Green Slaying Festive Sweater & Festive Liveries for HVY Barrage
  • Dec. 28 – Hail Santa Festive Sweater, Free Nagasaki Buzzard & Festive Liveries for the APC
  • Dec. 29 – Blue Cluckin' Festive Sweater & Festive Liveries for Buckingham Akula
  • Dec. 30 – Merry Sprunkmas Festive Sweater & Festive Liveries for Comet Safari
  • Dec. 31 – New Year’s Eve Gift (Black & Red Bones Festive Sweater, Fireworks and more), free HVY Insurgent Pick-Up & Festive Liveries for the Pegassi Oppressor
  • Jan. 1 – New Year’s Day Gift (Red Bones Festive Sweater, Fireworks and more)

Excited for what's new in GTA Online? The latest update is now live for all to enjoy!