Lizard Squad Founding Member Pleads Guilty, Jail Time Imminent

lizard squad

If you remember quite awhile ago, a group of hackers went after both the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services a few times, including on the eve of big holidays, by shutting them down. The group called themselves The Lizard Squad and they were not shy about their arrogant attitude toward, well, everything. A new development concerning one of the founder members has occurred, which could mean some serious jail time for this Lizard.

20 year old Zachary Buchta was arrested last year for his role in cyber crime. A few other key members also found themselves in the line of fire, but it's time for Buchta to face the law now that he has officially been charged with launching a DDoS attack on both PSN and Xbox Live, as well as "initiating so-called phone-bombing schemes that inundated victims with harassing phones calls," as well as general threats made to the FBI.

Buchta could be looking at a two and a half stint in jail now that he's agreed to the proposed plea bargain for the above. If his previously revealed attitude continues to rear its head, he could be facing up to a whopping 10 years in the slammer based off one count of conspiracy to commit damage to protected computers. In addition to the proposed jail time, he's also staring down up to $350, 000 in restitution to two online gambling companies that he and his crew targeted.

There is a 61 page complaint list against Buchta and the Lizard Squad. It will be interesting to see what direction the rest of this little gang decide to go in after a few of their members have taken such a fall. With personal information stolen, money, protection, and more stolen - never mind the damage done and multiple cases of harassment - things aren't looking good for the Lizard Squad.

(via Chicago Tribune)