New Portal Game Revealed


The popular joke is that Valve can't seem to count to three: Half-Life 3, Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3. Though there was a tie-in graphic novel, many thought the dangerously addictive world filled with homicidal AIs and false promises of cake and dreams would end with Portal 2 - but it looks like Valve isn't quite done with the series.

A new Portal game has been revealed. but it's not what fans were expecting. Bridge Constructor Portal is a new title that will be coming out for both PC and mobile devices, with a delayed console release next year, according to one report. Take a look at the announcement trailer below to see what the unusual interpretation has in store:

According to the original post:

"We welcome all lucky applicants to Bridge Constructor Portal with our new vehicle-based test chambers, Quantum Tunnels and patented Aperture technology!

For the last year we've been secretly working in our underground labs on the next iteration of the million-selling Bridge Constructor series. This new stand-alone title will release on PC, MacOS, Linux, mobile devices, and console, and fully embraces the Portal license, one of the most beloved video game franchises of the last decade.

Bridge Constructor Portal will blend the laws of structural engineering and technology straight from Aperture Laboratories into an exciting new game experience, all under the demanding gaze of GLaDOS.


Bridge Constructor Portal will be released on December 20 2017 for Windows, MacOS and Linux as well as for mobile devices. The console versions will follow in early 2018."

The familiar turrets can be seen to oppose players, as the new trailer combines the physics breaking world of Portal with the more traditional puzzle type games that coerces players into finding creative ways to build bridges to traverse difficult platforms. The latest venture into the popular world by Valve begins on December 20th, 2017!