Oculus Rift On Sale Now Through Amazon, Lowest Price Yet

oculus rift

If you've had your eye on the virtual reality platform Oculus Rift, now's the perfect time to buy because Amazon has the VR kit on sale for the lowest price ever right now: $349, which is the same price tag that those sweet Black Friday deals had the headset at.

If you're looking to score the Rift at its lowest price, here's what you can expect:

  • Rift headset
    • "From the moment you pick up Rift, you'll feel and see the attention to detail that went into its design and construction. Comfortable, customizable, adaptive, and beautiful, Rift is technology and design as remarkable as the experience it enables."]
  • Touch controllers
    • "Oculus Touch is a pair of tracked controllers that give you the feeling that your virtual hands are actually your own. Intuitive actions in VR feel as natural as using your real hands. It takes interaction to the next level."
  • Two sensors
    • "Rift's precise, low-latency constellation tracking system enables the sensation of presence - the feeling as though you are actually there. You have never experienced immersion like this."

There are tons of different types of games available too for the system, including the highly recommended SuperHot (which will legitimately make you feel like you're in the Matrix), the psychological thriller Wilson's Heart, Insomniac Games' The Unspoken, and more.

The deal going on right now is a great way to spend some of that recently acquired holiday cash, and a fantastic jump into the world of virtual reality! For Amazon Prime members, if you order now you can even receive your heads as early as tomorrow! Interested? You can order your very own right here!

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