Play Super Mario 64 In First-Person Perspective With This Mod

super mario fps

It's funny - as we move into 2018, we can't help but to keep looking back. Perhaps you've noticed, but we've been writing quite a bit lately about our beloved N64. Can you blame us though? The system was a game changer when it released back in the 90s, it's no surprise that many gamers even to this day continue to find ways to relive those glory days.

Earlier today we showed off one fan-made creation that's bringing Diddy Kong Racing to an all new level using the Unreal Engine 4, now we've got a different way to experience a completely different N64 classic: Super Mario 64. With the latest mod to re-live a fan favourite, you can now take on the polygon Bowser in a completely different way - in first person! If you remember some of those crazy camera angles during certain levels, you can only imagine how this gameplay experience must be. Check out some video footage of the FPP Super Mario 64 mod below:

The mod comes from Kaze Emanuar, and he's got quite the impressive array of videos on his YouTube channel. Super Mario, Attack on Mario crossovers, Super Smash Brothers, and tons more. You can even play Super Mario 64 with Sonic as the protagonist because ... you know, science.

It is important to notate that this is a romhack, so players will need the original game through an emulator. Easy to do, and all accessible from your PC. As far as those pesky camera angles go, the creator also states that it is possible to tweak the mechanics yourself for the fit that is most easily accessible to you. It's a neat way to experience that Super Mario love in a completely different way.

Mod demos, hilarious mashups, sweet, sweet musical remixes - his channel is actually pretty awesome. To check it out for yourself, check out his channel right here. To download the mod yourself, you can find everything you need right here.