Pro Gamer Accidentally Livestreams A Domestic Violence Incident, Immediately Loses Contract

League Player

After livestreaming a domestic violence incident regarding his girlfriend, pro Li "Vasilii" Wei Jun has officially been let go from the Chinese League of Legends Newbee team.

As seen in the video below, Li was in the midst of a League match when his girlfriend, translation courtesy of Reddit, tried to get him to calm down. According to the video, she points out that he is a part of the problem and that he should stop blaming his teammates and his fans when things don't go smoothly in-game. Things quickly went from 0-100 when he pushes the camera down and the confrontation can be heard in the background. What can be seen is the desk gets knocked over, everything on it flying off, as sounds of something/someone being hit and her crying. The video below captures the incident, so viewers be warned that what can be heard may be upsetting.

One of his followers called the police and they came go ask Li to come to the station during this same stream. Shortly after the incident, his League of Legends team Newbee immediately called out the incident for being "unprofessional and immature" and let fans know that they are aware of the situation and that this kind of behaviour has no place within their team.

They later expanded upon their original statement when many of their Twitter followers called out that it was much more than simply immaturity, it was abuse:

Li has had a history with rage-behaviour during matches, but this the first time that the police have become involved. Regardless of what's to come, many of his fans expressed explicit disappointment over his actions, many calling the act "disgusting" and calling for the end of his career. There has been no official statement from Li at this time.

[UPDATE]: According to YouTuber Qq Harry, Li has updated his Weibo account asking why do people love to see him losing control on impuse rather than his strength/skill in game. No acknowledgement of the actual event itself at this time.

In the video, he appears to be saying 'Mom' over and over. The statement was made as an insult, not as an indication that this was his mother and not his girlfriend.