Report: Bandai Namco Huge Nintendo Switch Showcase Planned Next Week (UPDATED)


Earlier this week we reported that a Dark Souls 1 remaster would be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but it looks like Bandai Namco has much bigger plans than just that. According to a new report, Bandai will be holding a special event on December 15th that will largely showcase Nintendo support.

Immediately, several titles come to mind, such as the already confirmed My Hero Academia title, but arguably one of the potential announcements that many are hoping for includes Xenosaga HD. The original report comes from esteemed gaming journalist Marcus Sellars, who has provided credible tips in the past.

When one person tweeted in response to Sellars about a potential Xenosaga collection, Sellars replied with a cheeky response neither confirming or denying the "hype" post. Considering how Bandai has had a slightly rocky start with the Xenosaga games, with the second one receiving poor reviews, it would be interesting to see if a full collection would be next in-line.

Though sellers is reputable, it is important to note that the only confirmation we have thus far is for My Hero Academia. With his definitive statement about a for sure announcement incoming for a Dark Souls 1 remaster and port to the hybrid console, as well as an announcement for Soul Caliber VI, it looks like the projected December 15th showcase will be one that Nintendo Switch fans will want to pay attention to.


Until then, it's simply a waiting game, though we have reached out to Bandai Namco for a statement regarding Dark Souls.