SNES Classic Edition Shortages Ongoing After Christmas Rush

snes classic

The holidays came, and went, a lot sooner than many of us realise. Many gaming hopefuls got exactly what they wanted this year - be it a shiny new Xbox One X, a brand new PlayStation, VR, Switch ... the options are endless! One epic loot drop that many were hoping for was that elusive SNES Classic. Nintendo has had infamous bad luck with both the NES and SNES Classics when it comes to keeping up with consumer demand. It seems that every time a report comes in of stock available, they are depleted at a moment's time.

With the rush now died down, is surprising to see no immediate plans to rectify the SNES Classic shortage issue as retailers all over continue to be in the dark as to when the next shipment will arrive. Online stores on Amazon, however, come up periodically - but again, they are gone before many have a chance to even see it. With the go, go, go of the holiday season at its end, stock will be easier to monitor and hopefully for Nintendo to allocate the appropriate amount of shipments.

Still, a few retailers will get stragglers like this Wal-Mart listing that periodically get small bursts of restocks at an inflated cost, but to find one at true retail listing price is few and far between. Usually the third-party resellers will set you back $100 and up, depending on the retailer, whereas the usual price is $79.99. With the new year almost upon us, now would be the perfect time for Nintendo to start off on the right foot. With such a strong lineup and powerful year for the Nintendo Switch, rectifying the shortage issue would be a solid way to appease both modern and veteran gamers in one fell swoop.

We've got our best Nintendo lovers here at ComicBook, so when news strikes of restocks - you can bet that we have you covered!