Steam Winter Sale Continues, Here's Today's Hottest Deals


The Steam Winter Sale continues to go strong and even more titles have been added to the list of discounted games. Whether you scored some sweet gift cards this holiday, or simply looking for a good deal, there are quite a few titles highlighted for December 27th's showcase! From anime-style games like Stein's: Gate, to getting your horror on with Dead by Daylight - there's a little something for everyone and here are our top picks on sale now!

Right now PC gamers can get the entire Total War franchise for up to 75% off, while Dead by Daylight is half off at $9.99! The newly released, award-winning title Cuphead is also on sale for $16.99, while Ages of Empires II HD is discounted massively for the low price of $4.99.

  • Run & Gun Your Way To The Top - $14.99
  • Helldivers - $9.99
  • Europa IV - $9.99
  • Stein's; Gate - $17.49
  • Watch_Dogs 2 - $20.39
  • Starpoint Gemini Warlords - $17.49
  • Tabletop Simulator - $9.99
  • Ori - $9.99
  • Conarium - $9.99
  • Disgaea 2 - $11.99
  • Minecraft Story Mode Season Two - $12.49
  • Tokyo Dark - #13.49

And many more! A little role playing game action, a little shooter - throw in some history, even a few cooking games; there are a ton of games on sale now as the Steam Winter event continues on until January 4th. But grab what you're looking for soon, because some of the deals are hosted daily, and the sale as a whole ends on January 4th at 12 PM CST!

Looking for something else to suit your gaming needs? How about some sweet deals on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games and accessories? There are are also quite a few price slashes for collectible items as well - all of these and more can be found over at the GameStop sale going on right now.