Valheim Hearth & Home Update Previews Weapon Changes

Valheim's new Hearth & Home update that's now scheduled to release this month deals largely with player interactions involving settlement building and customizing spaces at home, but it'll also affect weapons and combat. In the latest and final preview of the Hearth & Home content, we got to see how two different weapons would be altered when the update drops along with previews of other changes made, too, with promises of one additional video to be released alongside the update itself.

The video below previews some of the weapon changes coming to the game alongside the update. Commentary shared with the video says the weapons have "all been rebalanced" which sounds like a lot of information to take in, but for this preview, only two weapons were focused on: The two-handed axe and the box.

"The two-handed axe, for example, now has a bit of a faster windup, and increased stagger damage and cleaving capabilities," a preview of the two-handed axe changes said. "Along with its fast knockback alternative attack, this makes it a force to be reckoned with. It will remain fairly slow and heavy though, so to wield it you must be tactical."

The bow has gone through a similar level of changes and now employs some mechanics that make much more sense for a game like Valheim. Pulling back the bow's string now takes a bit longer and requires stamina not only to pull it back but also to keep it drawn.

"We've also done some tweaks to the bow, to make it feel more balanced and less overpowered," a preview of the box changes said. "The draw speed has been adjusted, so that you cannot draw the bow instantly, even if you max out your bow skill. While drawing still costs stamina, it will however require a bit less to continue to keep the bow drawn. This will for example give you more time to aim, without draining your stamina too fast."


Valheim's Hearth & Home update has been a long time coming now with plenty of previews like this one shared over time to give players peaks at what's changing. Piles of gold, food changes, and now weapon changes among other things are now expected in the update, so expect to see all of those and more this month when Hearth & Home releases for free.