Dylan McDermott Teases His 'American Horror Story' Return

One of the most exciting elements of American Horror Story is its anthology format, with each season telling a completely different story, allowing actors to appear in multiple seasons as different characters. After a long absence, Dylan McDermott took to Twitter to tease his return.

dylan mcdermott american horror story return
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When a fan asked the actor on Twitter about his return, McDermott merely replied innocuously, "In the near future..." The actor's answer was quite vague, yet recent comments from show creator Ryan Murphy may have revealed that the actor will appear on the series sooner rather than later.

“It takes place in the future,” Murphy revealed at the Television Critics Association’s press tour. “It’s still topical, but [set in] the future, which I’ve never done… I think people will like it. It’s different from what we’ve done before.”

Taking both comments on their own, this doesn't reveal much, but both Murphy and McDermott talking about the "future" seems like a little more than a coincidence.

Details about the upcoming Season 8 are still being kept pretty closely under wraps, with Murphy only sharing the above comments about the season's setting and teasing that series regular Sarah Paulson will look a bit different than we've witnessed in previous seasons.

"Sarah Paulson is very excited about the dental appliances she will be wearing on the show," Murphy shared with Entertainment Weekly.

This hint might immediately conjure ideas of vampires, known for their large teeth, which is something the series hasn't delved much into. However, given Murphy's creativity and the show's notoriety for pushing boundaries in the horror genre, the actress' appearance might be something even more horrific than we can imagine.

McDermott starred in the series' inaugural season "Murder House" and also Season 2's "Asylum," yet he's been absent ever since. Murphy has said that there will be a crossover season in the show's future that features characters from "Murder House" and Season 3's "Coven" colliding, which could be what McDermott was alluding to.

“We’re working on it, but that’s not going to be [Season 8],” Murphy confirmed. “That will probably be the one after that. We’ve already met about it and outlined it. But it won’t be next because some of the [cast members] are not available.”

Were the crossover to take place in Season 9, that could be soon enough for McDermott to claim as the "near future."

Season 8 of American Horror Story is expected to return this fall.

[H/T Twitter, DylanMcDermott]

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