'Stranger Things' Shannon Purser Got a Message About Barb on Her Starbucks Cup

Barb's time on Stranger Things may have been short, but the character's fate continues to elicit a response from fans -- even in the form of a message on a Starbucks cup.

Shannon Purser, who played Barb during the first season of the hit Netflix series, posted a photo of her Starbucks cup on Twitter revealing a special message to her about Barb's fate on the series.

"Barb deserved better," was written on the cup. Purser captioned the photo "thanks guys." You can check it out below.

stranger things barb starbucks cup

As fans may recall, Barb quickly became a fan favorite character during the first season, bringing a no-nonsense and common sense outlook on the high school drama and life itself. However, she was ultimately met with a gruesome fate. Having reluctantly agreed to drive her friend, Nancy, to a party, Barb tried to open a beer can with a knife to fit in with the others at the party. In the process she cut her hand and, after a frustrated confrontation with Nancy, Barb went outside and sat by the pool. The blood from her cut attracted the Demogorgon which grabbed her and dragged her into the Upside Down. While Barb tried to escape, the creature killed and consumed her.

While Nancy and Barb's mother both grow a bit concerned that Barb has vanished, Barb's disappearance isn't treated with the same level of concern and urgency as that of Will Byers is. Eleven ultimately discovers Barb's body in the Upside Down and Will's mother Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Chief Hopper (David Harbour) walk past Barb's remains as they search for Will.

Some fans took issue with how the series treated Barb's death, though show co-creator Matt Duffer later explained that the concern for Barb's disappearance may not have been shown on screen but it was still part of the story.

"It’s not like her parents are like ‘Oh Barb left. She died!’" Duffer explained. "Season 1 actually takes place over the course of six or seven days – it’s a really short period of time. So part of what we want to do with hypothetical Season 2 is to explore the repercussions of everything that happened.”

Even with the explanation, and the second season of the series streaming on Netflix and things moving forward for a third, fans still haven't let go of Barb -- and the assertion that she really did deserve better.

Season 2 of Stranger Things debuted on Netflix in October. Season 3 does not yet have an anticipated release date.

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