Kid Dancing to 'Halloween' Theme Music Goes Viral

Being scared by horror movies is all about each viewer's frame of mind - and you'll find no better proof of that than this new video we're sharing today. In what has gone on to become a viral sensation around the Internet, the video depicts a young girl in a store, who is getting her dance on to the classic theme from Halloween - despite possible deterrence from a frightening Michael Myers display:

Nearly 8M views later, this little girl and her "Halloween Dance" has become a viral sensation. For many fans, the video is all-too-timely, as the highly-anticipated Halloween (2018) sequel is about to hit theaters this October. Many fans want to get as much enjoyment out of David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's love letter to John Carpenters cult-classic original Halloween as this little girl gets out of this display. Other fans are feeling moved by this display of a child's innocence; by being ignorant of the dark and violent context of slasher horror films, this girl simply hears a catchy tune and decides that it's her new jam. For many other fans, that pure appreciation of the iconic Halloween theme music gives this little girl instant street cred with horror fans everywhere.

Like so many viral sensations that are associated with major movie releases, this video has actually managed to attract the attention of the powers that be surrounding Halloween (2018)! Check out what Blumhouse Prodcutions VP of Feature Film Development Ryan Turek had to say when he finally saw the video!


The irony here, of course, is that this little girl probably can't capitalize on her 15 minutes of viral fame, as bringing her along for any promotional event for Halloween (2018) could result in her being, you know, traumatized by the violent horror nature of the movie! On the other hand, seeing a bunch of cast and crew members from the film trying to keep things G-rated while entertaining this little girl at an event would be pretty entertaining to watch.

Hopefully Halloween (2018) will also be entertaining to watch, when it hits theaters on October 19th.