'Night of the Living Dead' Kickstarter Launched for All-New Merchandise

Having debuted 50 years ago, many fans take for granted the accomplishments of Night of the Living Dead, with some fans letting the film's popularity subside in recent years. Living Dead Media refuses to let the popular horror film die, as it has launched a Kickstarter for a "Party," which essentially funds a number of different branded pieces of merchandise.

"Our Party Kickstarter will get you all the gear -- from glassware, to ambiance, to Night of the Living Dead playing cards -- complete with lists of party ideas, games, and the 'rules' for throwing an amazing Night of the Living Dead party," the campaign reads. "Just as there are rules to zombie movies, there are rules to zombie parties, so the Party Kickstarter will come with a complete guidebook packed full of great suggestions from what to wear, games to play, festive drink recipes, and recommendations for what to serve to your zombie-loving revelers. Along with rules, like you have to be playing the film on a loop (not the colorized version, of course)."

The crowdfunding site has seen all manner of projects seeking finances, with this "Party" campaign being one of the more creative ways to get fans to support merchandise. However, the concept of the campaign does fit within the notion of a party, as all the items would likely be seen at a celebration in honor of the zombie film.

If you're curious why the company launched the campaign, well, they are happy to answer that question for you.

"Why are we doing this? We're Living Dead Media and we've partnered with Image Ten, Inc. (the original production company of Night of the Living Dead) to celebrate the 50-year legacy of Night of the Living Dead," the campaign reads. "With Image Ten leading the way, we got the film back in theaters last month, created limited edition 50th-anniversary collectibles, and now with the full support of Image Ten, we're creating this exclusive and official Night of the Living Dead Party Kickstarter."

Earlier this year, the Criterion Collection inducted the film into its library, an achievement only obtained by top-tier cinema, delivering audiences a comprehensive home video release. Interestingly, an error with copyright laws regarding the original film allowed anyone to distribute the film, which fell into public domain, leading to countless home video releases, many of which failed to deliver viewers a comprehensive product.

Between its induction into the Criterion Collection and all this new "Party" merch, it's a good year for fans of the film that helped set the standard for the zombie subgenre.

You can learn more at the campaign's official page.


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