'Angel' Star David Boreanaz Hints Reunion Is "in the Works"

After the smash success of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel cemented its place in the fan-favorite sphere of television two decades ago. As with most beloved TV shows, the possibility of a reunion has been speculated about quite a lot amongst fans, and it looks like the series' star is more than on board with that.

During a recent appearance on The Talk, David Boreanaz was asked about his role in the Buffy spinoff, which is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary. As Boreanaz hinted, there is a chance that the show's milestone could be commemorated in some form or fashion.

“We’re coming up on our 20 years,” Boreanaz explained. “That’s amazing to have been blessed with a show like that. That’s really where I started my gig in this acting world. I love that character. So I will say there may be something coming up. I don’t want to give away a lot. It’s 20 years coming up this fall, and we may have something in the works.”

Angel initially debuted on The WB (now The CW) in 1999, ultimately having a five-season-long run of 110 episodes. While it's unclear exactly what shape the reunion could take, the notion of the Buffy-verse being revisited is something that has had an interesting connotation in the past.

"I have always believed that what was so unique about the show was the use of horrors of those formative years," Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar said in a previous interview. "With high school and college as a backdrop, we were able to address racism, identity, bullying, guilt, death, first love and heartbreak using the demons as metaphors for the demons we all experience. I am not sure how that translates into adulthood, although I am sure it could. The burden of saving the world a lot always weighed heavily on her, so for her sake, I hope she is somewhere on a beautiful beach located far away from any Hellmouth."

And with news breaking last year that a Buffy reboot was in the works, Boreanaz expressed that fans should have an optimistic take on it.


"Let's just embrace it," Boreanaz said of a Buffy reboot at New York Comic Con last fall. “Think about it this way. I’m very happy for them. They want to embrace a new generation. Everyone wants old, they want to go back. I understand that, but things move on, times change, things evolve, and I think it’s a great opportunity to show where we are in society now and what people do with technology and show that now with those same human interactions [from the original series]. You have to realize we started it, and we’re proud of that. If someone can step in my shoes and play my character that’s great, because I’m not putting that makeup back on. I hope it’s huge.”

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