'Us' Star Lupita Nyong'o Shoots Down Hopes of Returning for a Sequel

On the red carpet premiere for Us earlier tonight, actor Lupita Nyong'o was pretty adamant that she didn't want to have anything to do with a sequel. Speaking with Variety, the Black Panther star instantly shot down the potential of starring in a sequel once asked. In the movie, Nyong'o plays a mother who goes on a vacation with her husband (Winston Duke) and kids, when everything goes to Hell in a handbasket — as you've surely seen in the trailers. Certainly an interesting premise, Nyong'o's comments all but confirm it's going to be a one-off.

"Please no, thank you," the actors says about the possibility of a sequel. "Thank you, no no. I'm good. I'm retired from the tethered world, you know?"

After previously debuting at South by Southwest last week, Us has been critically acclaimed by those who saw it, debuting at a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. As of now, it is still at an astonishing 99%, with only one "rotten" view out of 68 submitted. The one poor review comes courtesy of Financial Times' Nigel Andrews, who says the movie suffers from "monotony of tone in the name of a specious homogeneity."

According to Exhibitor Relations, Us is "creepin'" towards a $60 million domestic opening, which would be 2018's horror-heartthrob A Quiet Place by $10 million.

The synopsis for Us can be found below.

"In order to get away from their busy lives, the Wilson family take a vacation to Santa Cruz, California with the plan of spending time with their friends, the Tyler family. On a day at the beach, their young son Jason almost wanders off, causing his mother Adelaide to become protective of her family. That night, four mysterious people break into Adelaide's childhood home in which they're staying at. The family is shocked to find out that the intruders look like and talk like them only that they have grotesque appearances. Adelaide knows who these "monsters" are and soon the family begins a cat-and-mouse game with their psychotic doppelgangers while more of "the Tethered" begin to invade the town.


Us screams into theaters March 22nd.

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