Bruce Campbell Teases More Evil Dead Stories, Even Though He Retired From Playing Ash

The third season of Ash vs. Evil Dead was bittersweet for fans, as the final episode also marked Bruce Campbell's final turn as Ash Williams, with the actor having announced prior to the finale that he was hanging up the chainsaw for good. Despite playing the character in three feature films, 30 episodes of the Starz series, and voicing the role in multiple video games, fans just can't get enough of Campbell in the franchise. While he's teased that we can hear him voice the character in future video game projects, he recently hinted that there will be more adventures to look forward to in the franchise, even if he won't be starring in any of those endeavors.

"They’re going to see different versions, they’re going to be seeing more Evil Dead, too," Campbell confirmed to Inquisitr when asked about the future of Ash. "We’re not done with the Evil Dead saga, more stories to tell."

With Campbell starring in the first three films and voicing the character in multiple video games, the actor is intrinsically linked to the franchise in many fans' opinions. The biggest departure from fan expectations came in 2013 with a remake from director Fede Alvarez, which was completely devoid of an Ash character. As far as that remake ever getting a sequel, Campbell thinks Alvarez might not return to the series due to his career affording him bigger opportunities.

"I don’t know, Fede’s a big Hollywood director now," the actor noted. "I don’t know if Fede needs this. We’ll have to see."

The 2013 reboot took in $97 million worldwide on a reported budget of $17 million, making it a relative success. While it may have earned a good return on investment, the reception from fans wasn't especially strong, likely due to the lack of Campbell and Ash.

"Because he is the fans, the fans are him," Campbell claimed as the reason fans love the character. "Ash has no skills, Ash doesn’t come from another planet, he comes from Michigan. He’s the guy you want in the foxhole, but he probably got low SAT scores. So people watching him, I think they root for him because they’re like, ‘Damn, that’s like my neighbor. That’s like if my neighbor decided to save the world from evil.’ Kind of like that. That’s how I look at it and that’s how we played it. That’s why it was worth bringing the guy back 48 years later to try it again… He’s the ultimate anti-hero, anti in that he can’t even get out of bed, you know?"

Stay tuned for details on the possible future of Evil Dead.

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