Rabid Remake Gets First Trailer

One of the bigger trends that horror fans endure that other genres of cinema manage to avoid is the remake, with various studios looking back at successful properties to deliver new interpretations of those classics. The earliest days of cinema debuted iconic imaginings of Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, and the Mummy, all of which have been reinvented over the years. Popular franchises like Friday the 13th, Halloween, and A Nightmare on Elm Street have all also earned reboots, with filmmakers seeking ways to reinvent films that are less known to the general public. Debuting at FrightFest later this year is a remake of David Cronenberg's Rabid from Jen and Sylvia Soska, whose first trailer can be seen above.

The film stars Laura Vandervoort as a young woman who, after an accident leaves her scarred beyond recognition, undergoes a radical untested stem-cell treatment. While turning Rose into the belle of the ball, the experimental transformation comes at a price. Marilyn Chambers played the main character in the original film.

Vandervoort earned acclaim by playing Supergirl in Smallville, snagging herself a small role in the current run of Supergirl as an homage to her previous role. One of the actress' biggest projects was 2017's Jigsaw, which allowed the performer to embrace roles she's been hoping to pursue for years.

"I grew up loving horror movies and psychological thrillers. Hitchcock was my everything growing up," Vandervoort previously shared with ComicBook.com. "I guess I don't get overly scared easily, although my friends would say differently. When I watch horror movies with them, I cover my eyes, but I love the thrill. I guess being on the set of Jigsaw, I was a fan of the Saw franchise already. I was more excited to be there."

The Soska Sisters made a name for themselves with films like American Mary and See No Evil 2, with this upcoming remake one of their biggest projects yet.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be re-imagining David’s 1977 body horror classic, Rabid, with such incredible support behind us,” the duo shared back when the project was announced. “We are not fans of soulless remakes as seems to be the trend these days as they disrespect the fans and the original body of work. Our Rabid is a continuation of the thoughts and conversation David started with his original piece and modernized through a female perspective. This film will truly honor not only the original but Cronenberg’s entire body of work.”


Stay tuned for details on the Rabid remake.

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