American Horror Story: 1984: "Episode 100" Officially Connects Every Season of the Series

10/26/2019 02:08 pm EDT

This past Wednesday, American Horror Story: 1984 not only advanced the horror slasher summer camp nightmare story by jumping forward several years to reveal what happened after daybreak at Camp Redwood, but also hit a major milestone for the FX horror anthology series. The episode, simply entitled "Episode 100," was the 100th episode for American Horror Story. Many expected the episode to mark the milestone in a spectacular way with some sort of surprise cameo appearances but what the episode actually did may be more satisfying overall: "Episode 100" officially connected every season of American Horror Story to date.

In the episode, once the story flashes forward to 1989, we find out what happened to Margaret Booth (Leslie Grossman), the real architect of not just the 1984 Camp Redwood massacre but the 1970 one as well. With Brooke (Emma Robert) taking the fall for the bloodshed, Margaret went on to build a real estate empire by buying up infamous horror sites and turning them into lucrative tourist attractions. While Margaret has quite a portfolio, there's one property in particular that gets mentioned that is the key to everything coming together: Briarcliff Manor.

As long-time fans of the series know, Briarcliff Manor is the setting of the second season of American Horror Story, Asylum so when it's noted that Margaret owns it that connects 1984 to that season, but it's a bigger connection than just that. As a fan on Reddit's r/AmericanHorrorStory notes, Briarcliff is the key to unlocking all of the season connections.

You see, Briarcliff inmate Pepper also appeared in Season 4, Freak Show, as one of Elsa Mars' "monsters". Freak Show in turn featured Dandy Mott whose ancestor, Edward Mott, built the house that was the center of Season 6, Roanoke. At the end of Roanoke, Lee Harris was interviewed by Lana Winters, who was then mentioned by Beverly Hope in Season 7, Cult. That ties 1984 to Seasons 2, 4, 6, and 7. Previously, 1984 was connected to the remaining seasons thanks to Richard Ramirez. The infamous serial killer first appeared in Season 5, Hotel. Hotel featured an appearance by Queenie who herself appeared in Season 3 Coven and Season 8 Apocalypse. Queenie also ties to Madison Montgomery who also appeared in Coven and Apocalypse, and she ties to Season 1, Murder House, thanks to her visit to the home with Behold Chablis in Apocalypse.

While fans have noted some other little hints and teases -- a few of them speculation rather confirmed -- the reveal that Margaret owns Briarcliff really does tie together the last seasons that hadn't yet been definitively linked. While fans had largely believed that all seasons were, in fact, set in the same universe, "Episode 100" entirely confirms it. For fans, that opens the door for a whole new wave of speculation about where 1984 will ultimately go. The season has three episodes remaining as it was confirmed earlier this month that 1984 will conclude with episode nine, one episode shorter than what was originally ordered by FX, making it the shortest season of the entire series and the third -- after Murder House and Hotel -- to have a reduction in episode count.

American Horror Story: 1984 airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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