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1 Rick and Morty Co-Creator Dan Harmon Speaks Out on Voice Cast Whitewashing

Last: So I guess Phil Lamarrr can't voice Samurai Jack no more since he's black and not asian or is it just white voice actors?

Marvthemartian Sep 25, 2020 - 36,465 pts

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2 Here Is Every PS5 Game Confirmed So Far

Last: That is a lot of games.

madhatter090 Sep 17, 2020 - 3,855 pts

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3 Samuel L. Jackson To Star In Marvel's Nick Fury Series on Disney+

Last: More SLJ? Sign me up.

Clintre Sep 27, 2020 - 117,160 pts

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4 Supergirl: Where The Characters Might End Up After The Series Ends

Last: This is all wishful thinking. I saw similar articles after Arrow was finished. There is little chance any of the cast will go to other sho...

Robbietherobot Sep 26, 2020 - 225 pts

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5 Batwoman: First Look at Javicia Leslie in the Bat Suit

Last: Batwoman, dying the slow death it deserves. What a God awful photo.

TheOneAboveAll Sep 26, 2020 - 165 pts

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6 Black Adam: Aldis Hodge To Play Hawkman in the Rock's DC Movie

Last: OMG.... I am so freaking happy!!!

MANHUNTER77 Sep 25, 2020 - 55,920 pts

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7 J.J. Abrams Reportedly Working on Zatanna, Constantine Shows for HBO Max

Last: I know it won't happen but Matt Ryan needs his own show again. I feel he has done all he can on legends. I love Zatanna too so would lov...

Hellblazer666 Sep 25, 2020 - 5,450 pts

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8 Justice League Star Henry Cavill Declines to Comment on Superman Movie Rumors

Last: It seems like Warner Brothers under AT&T has shifted to Fuck It, Let's Just Do It! I like that a lot better than the old regime of Gott...

mbradleyc1 Sep 26, 2020 - 23,755 pts

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9 Keira Knightley Can't Remember Who She Played in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Last: Neither can anyone else

ElTravieso Sep 27, 2020 - 25 pts

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10 Falcon and the Winter Soldier: New Set Photo Gives Best Look at U.S. Agent Yet

Last: For some reason, his costume doesn't scream "MCU quality." maybe it's just me, but it looks puffy and cheap. Even goofier th...

Adingdingdiiing Sep 28, 2020 - 76,385 pts

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