The Kool-Aid Man Is Missing

2020 is not turning out to be the best year for the mascots of beloved food brands. First, Mr. Peanut died ahead of this year's Super Bowl, though he mercifully returned to life as Baby Nut but now it's mascot whose very tears were shed on Mr. Peanut's grave who is in peril. That's right, Kool-Aid Man is the latest mascot to encounter grim circumstances in 2020 as the iconic anthropomorphic pitcher of, well, Kool-Aid has gone missing.

On Monday, the official Kool-Aid brand Twitter posted the disturbing news, sharing a high-alert message that the icon was missing and asked fans if anyone had seen him. A bit later, the account followed up with an update that Kool-Aid man had left in search of a new mystery flavor but didn't reveal his destination.

"Update: Kool-Aid Man left his house to find the mystery flavor, but didn't tell anyone where he was heading," the update read. "That's where we need YOUR help! Help us find the man to find the flavor."

As it turns out, this is all part of a new promotion that Kool-Aid fans are invited to participate in. Now through April 3, fans of the beverage can head to where they can scan a pack of Kool-Aid Jammers and guess where the Kool-Aid man might be looking for the new mystery flavor. Fans are automatically entered for a chance to win with one lucky winner being rewarded with a fun vacation anywhere in the United States. There are also instant prizes as well.

“Kool-Aid Man is known for crashing through walls, but he usually remembers to tell someone where he’s going,” said Rachel Drof, marketing director, beverages, Kraft Heinz. “We need our fans’ help to find Kool-Aid Man’s location and learn the new mystery flavor—we may not know where he is, but we’re sure his new mystery flavor will be delicious!”


As for the flavor of the new Kool-Aid Mystery Jammers that the loveable iconic Kool-Aid man is missing over? Fans of the beverage won't have to wait too long after the end of the contest to find out. The flavor of the new Kool-Aid Mystery Jammers will be revealed on on April 6.

What do you think about Kool-Aid Man's predicament? Let us know in the comments below.

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