Captain America Star Chris Evans Fires Off Tweet Following Trump Press Conference

President Donald Trump held a press conference on Sunday to offer updates on the response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has the United States, and other countries around the globe, in a state of national emergency. The briefing included updates about the Federal Reserve's slashing of short-term interest rates and Vice President Mike Pence noting that updated federal guidelines over concerns about the spread of the novel coronavirus would be coming on Monday, but not everyone was reassured by the comments. Captain America actor Chris Evans wasn't particularly pleased by the press conference and quickly took to Twitter to share his feelings on the matter.

On Twitter, Evans asserted that Americans want answers and leadership during the trying times of this pandemic and criticized the president for leaving the press conference stage without taking a single question.

"The president just ran off stage after his rambling press conference without answering a single question," Evans wrote. "America wants answers. America wants leadership. America doesn't want a president who runs off stage during a crisis and lets Mike Pence do all the talking."

Evans is not wrong in that Trump left the stage without taking questions. The specific briefing he is referring to -- as there have been several in the past few days -- saw Pence fielding many of the questions from the press about the coronavirus situation. As it stands, Evans' comment appears to have struck a nerve with fans. It's currently received nearly 25,000 retweets and over 200,000 likes. It's also far from the first time the Marvel star has been critical of Trump. He's previously shared criticism over other issues, such as Trump's relationship with Russian President Vladmir Putin and the president's comments on climate change, just to name a few.


And, criticism aside, Evans' comment that Americans want answers right now isn't wrong. COVID-19 -- which is caused by the novel coronavirus first identified in Wuhan, China in late 2019 -- has caused 168,019 confirmed cases and 6,610 deaths across 148 countries, areas, or territories according to the World Health Organization (WHO) as of March 16th. Of those cases, the U.S. accounts for 1,678 and the impact of COVID-19 has been far-reaching. In terms of the entertainment industry, numerous conventions and events have been cancelled or delayed as has the release dates for many movies while production on television and film projects have also been halted in an attempt to reduce spread of the illness. Last week, Evans himself addressed some of the scheduling shifts related to COVID-19.

"Like so many of you, unfortunately we've had to move some things around," Evans wrote at the time. "We're making plans and will keep you updated. I hope everyone is planning ahead and seeking reliable information. Stay safe!!"

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