Ezra Miller: New Details Emerge About the Actor's Alleged Confrontation With Fan

Additional details have emerged about a video that appears to show Justice League and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them Star Ezra Miller assaulting a female fan outside a resort in Iceland. In the video, which surfaced on Monday, a person who is allegedly Miller is seen in an altercation with a woman and choking her. Now, according to Variety, the incident may have been prompted by a "pushy" fan interaction at a bar in the Icelandic capitol that Miller is said to be a frequent patron of when they are in town.

According to the report, a source at the Prikio Kaffihús in Reykjavik where the incident took place, a source indicated that the altercation caught on video took place after the person -- identified as being Miller -- was approached by a group of eager fans who were described as being "quite pushy". From there, the source says things escalated with Miller ultimately losing their temper on one specific woman."

In the video (which you can check out here) the person identified as Miller grabs the girl by her throat and throws her to the ground. The filming is abruptly stopped with someone saying "Woah, bro. Bro," before the footage stops. Some fans have questioned the validity of the footage or even its age. At this time, no additional details about the video have surfaced.

The bar's staff reportedly escorted an angry and upset Miller off the premises following the altercation. The bar's owner, Geoffrey T. Huntingdon-Williams, told Iceland's Fréttabladid he did not want to comment specifically on the situation.

"Unfortunately, we do not want to comment specifically on this incident unless it is under review," he said. "We at Prikio state that we condemn all forms of violence and all its manifestations."

Miller has yet to comment on the situation.


Miller is currently set to appear in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3 as well as The Flash, with the latter being directed by IT's Andy Muschietti. Given the coronavirus pandemic, it is unclear what the status of either of those films are, though with virtually everything in entertainment on hold as people hunker down and quarantine to help slow the spread of COVID-19, it's likely both projects are on hold for the time being.

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