Ryan Reynolds Was Secretly Grimace In McDonald's Super Bowl Commercial

Did you know that Ryan Reynolds was actually Grimace in McDonald's Super Bowl 2022 commercial? It's a fact, and one that Reynolds himself can now reveal – while also promoting one of his own brands, in the process. After the McDonald's Super Bowl 2022 spot aired, Ryan Reynold's Aviation Gin brand tweeted out an "educated guess" that "the voice of Grimace sounds oddly familiar. Did @McDonalds hire a certain Canadian drink-slinging McRiblet?" 

In a responding tweet (to himself?), Ryan Reynolds revealed that indeed he is Grimace: "Yes. Confirmed. It's called range." 

The social media promotional hijinks didn't end there: McDonald's gave its own soft-confirmation of the casting, by tweeting "where do u keep ur grimace suit". 

The concept for McDonald's Super Bowl 2022 spot played upon customers' indecision while ordering in the drive-thru line. It featured a catchy cadence of people saying "Can I get Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." as they tried to select from (here's the marketing part) McDonald's wide array of delectable menu items. The commercial has several big celebrity cameos, including Kanye West and NASCAR star Bubba Wallace, making Reynolds' voice cameo just the latest Easter egg found. It only helps more people take a look at the ad – which you can coincidentally see below: 

Ryan Reynolds seems to be quickly shifted the weight of his career from film to Marketing mogul. You can see how he just spun a voice cameo in a McDonald's commercial to a promotion for both himself and Aviation Gin; it isn't the first odd-pair (fast food and gin?) cross-promotion between the two brands, either: Reynolds helped McDonald's kick up its McRib marketing campaign last year, by releasing a promo in which he created the "Aviation Gin Riblet" cocktail to go with a McRib (it's "Bloody Mary's hotter cousin"). In fact, if you go back and watch that promo, it ends with Reynolds hilariously lashing out at McDonald's to "Bring back Grimace, go**ammit." Well, looks like the actor got his wish! 

Reynolds also made sure to give his acting career some shine, in Netflix's Super Bowl trailer for his new film The Adam Project. That movie (from the some creative minds behind Reynold's Oscar-nominated hit Free Guy) will be a sort of Back to the Future-style story, where Reynold's plays a time-traveling pilot who comes back to 2022 and has to work with his younger self and late father to save the future and his own wife (Zoe Saldana). 

So, as you can see from the trail of promotions above, Ryan Reynolds truly does have the game figured out.