Sharon Stone Asks for Support After Sister Kelly Diagnosed With COVID-19

Sharon Stone is asking for support after her sister Kelly Stone was diagnosed with COVID-19. In a post to Instagram, she implores her followers to keep both Kelly and her husband Bruce in their minds. She reposted a message from her sister that shows just how serious this virus is. Stone went to Montana and isolated as suggested by leading health officials. However, all it takes is just a brush with exposure to possibly develop symptoms. Now, she’s in her bed with oxygen trying to fight off the virus. Her words on Instagram were deadly serious and something to keep in mind as parts of the country are seeing spikes in the disease as the summer season stretches on.

Kelly Stone posted her own message on social media showing how COVID-19 is affecting her. She stressed for her followers to not take this thing lightly. It would be hard to read this and not feel at least a little bit moved.

She wrote, “This is us. March 13. Drove to our paradise in Montana. We thought covid wouldn’t and couldn’t find us. No shopping, no parties, barely saw a human. Now fighting for a don’t want covid.”

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Please listen with love

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In a follow-up video, she outline how dangerous the situation has gotten. The entire clip is heart wrenching to witness.


“I beg you, to know this is real. I’m gasping for every breath, even with the oxygen. For the people you love, please. Stand behind more tests, more masks, demanding everyone wear a mask,” Stone shared in the harrowing clip You never, ever want to feel like this. I promise you, I only have love in my heart and it is breaking for people that can’t breathe.”

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