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Last Updated 10/2/2015
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    S2:E1 What Lies Ahead 88.40 Composite
    The Walking Dead

    The group's plan to head for Fort Benning is put on hold when Sophia goes missing.

    • 4.28/5 from 25 users
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    S2:E2 Bloodletting 76.58 Composite
    The Walking Dead

    After Carl is accidentally shot, the group are brought to a family living on a nearby farm. Shane makes a dangerous trip in [Read More] search of medical supplies. [Collapse]

    • 4.17/5 from 24 users
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    S2:E3 Save The Last One 84.24 Composite
    The Walking Dead

    As Carl's condition continues to deteriorate, Shane and Otis try to dodge the walkers as they head back to the farm.

    • 4.35/5 from 23 users
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    S2:E4 Cherokee Rose 70.50 Composite
    The Walking Dead

    With Carl recovering, the group, once again, puts their focus on finding Sophia.

    • 4.00/5 from 21 users
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    S2:E5 Chupacabra 79.80 Composite
    The Walking Dead

    Daryl becomes injured and stranded in the middle of the woods whilst searching for Sophia. Shane urges Rick to call off the [Read More] search party. Hershel remains wary of the group. [Collapse]

    • 4.26/5 from 23 users
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    S2:E6 Secrets 76.27 Composite
    The Walking Dead

    Dale confronts Hershel after Glenn tells him about the walkers in the barn. Meanwhile, Lori struggles to come to terms with her [Read More] pregnancy, and Shane tries to teach Andrea how to use weapons. [Collapse]

    • 3.95/5 from 22 users
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    S2:E7 Pretty Much Dead Already 91.93 Composite
    The Walking Dead

    Glenn tells the rest of the group about the walkers in the barn, dividing them on what to do. Meanwhile, Hershel sets a deadline [Read More] for the group to leave, unless Rick does a difficult task. [Collapse]

    • 4.54/5 from 28 users
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    S2:E8 Nebraska 79.96 Composite
    The Walking Dead

    In the aftermath of the barn incident; the group bury loved ones, Beth falls into shock, and Rick and Glenn head out to find [Read More] Hershel when he disappears. [Collapse]

    • 4.29/5 from 24 users
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    S2:E9 Triggerfinger 80.42 Composite
    The Walking Dead

    Rick, Glenn and Hershel come under enemy fire after their encounter with Dave and Tony. Meanwhile, Shane goes after Lori when [Read More] everyone realizes she is missing. [Collapse]

    • 4.33/5 from 24 users
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    S2:E10 18 Miles Out 84.77 Composite
    The Walking Dead

    Rick and Shane argue over what to do with Randall. Back at the farm, Lori, Andrea and Maggie deal with a suicidal Beth.

    • 4.30/5 from 23 users
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    S2:E11 Judge, Jury, Executioner 78.75 Composite
    The Walking Dead

    Dale fears the group is losing its humanity as Rick and the others vote to execute Randall.

    • 4.30/5 from 20 users
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    S2:E12 Better Angels 94.36 Composite
    The Walking Dead

    Shane's antagonistic behavior reaches new heights, while Carl suffers the consequences of his actions.

    • 4.57/5 from 28 users
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    S2:E13 Beside The Dying Fire 91.09 Composite
    The Walking Dead

    As the farm is overrun by walkers, the group fights to escape.

    • 4.52/5 from 27 users