Spider-Man and Black Panther Details Revealed In New Captain America: Civil War Official Bios

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

With the press junket and official LA premiere for Captain America: Civil War comes a host of new information delivered officially by Disney. With new detailed character (and costume) descriptions released, Disney and Marvel Studios have given fans a new look at the characters involved in the fight, including one Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

"Recruited personally by Tony Stark, teenager Peter Parker aka Spider-Man brings his youthful energy and exceptional — though not totally mastered — skills to Iron Man’s team."

Not much that's brand new there, though it is a nice official confirmation that Tony Stark personally recruits the newest Marvel Studios hero.

The other newcomer, Black Panther, also on Team Iron Man, also has a major revelation in the new character descriptions. T'Challa, the Black Panther, actually gets involved because his father, T'Chaka, King of Wakanda, is pro-government regulation of heroes. There's also a "deeply personal" part to the story that thankfully, they don't spoil.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016, but has its premiere this week.