Henry Jackman's Captain America: Civil War Track List Revealed


The official track listing for the Captain America: Civil War soundtrack has been released online.

Unlike many such listings, this one isn't being scoured for spoilers by the fan press -- in part because early fan and press screenings means lots of those who would usually do the scouring have, in fact, already seen the film.

Of course, for fans who havent yet seen it, it's likely to make the rounds on social media this week.

Here's the tracks, via Hans Zimmer's website:

Siberian Overture (2:56)
Lagos (2:10)
Consequences (2:22)
Ancestral Call (2:37)
Zemo (3:09)
The Tunnel (3:51)
Celestial Bodies (1:44)
Boot Up (5:16)
New Recruit (1:47)
Empowered (1:59)
Standoff (4:01)
Civil War (4:26)
Larger Than Life (3:40)
Catastrophe (2:36)
Revealed (5:38)
Making Amends (1:34)
Fracture (4:00)
Clash (3:54)
Closure (5:32)
Cap's Promise (3:46)
Bonus: Adagio (2:18)

Many of those are pretty self-explanatory, and while others have some innocuous names that could cause some speculation, the one to look out for if it's released online is probably "New Recruit," since that's likely a reference to Spider-Man, and could give a sense for what that character's theme might look like come time for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

According to online retailer Amazon, the Captain America: Civil War soundtrack will be available for sale on May 6.