President Ellis Weighs In On Captain America: Civil War In WHIH Viral Video

President Civil War
(Photo: Marvel)

The center of the conflict seen in Captain America: Civil War comes straight from the top, and the top in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is President Ellis.

WHIH Newsfront recently got some time with the President and asked about his thoughts on the recent collateral damage issue involving Superheroes, as well as the appointment of General Ross to Secretary of State.

"We've experienced a series of grave events that have had severe repercussions. I am completely sensitive to the fear and concern that creates, but at the same time, I recognize what men like Tony Stark, Steve Rodgers, and others have done in the face of these attacks."

He did want to stress that just because he respects them doesn't mean they should get carte blanche.

"My appreciation for their efforts shouldn't be misconstrued as a blank check. The Avengers need to collaborate with governments around the globe. That's why my administration has been exploring ways to create an official relationship with these heroes."

As for the appointment of General Ross, he thinks it will have a positive effect on the relationship between heroes and the White House. "The general is no stranger to these types of incidents and he has long-standing relationships with many of these heroes and was instrumental in spearheading the response to the emergencies both at Culver University and Harlem. He served this country with distinction for several decades, and I believe he can work with our allies abroad and alongside these heroes."

Only time will tell if that turns out to be true. Captain America: Civil War releases on May 6th.