'The Inhumans' Biggest Threat May Be on Earth

The Inhuman Royal Family may be dealing with a coup on the moon, but the real threat may come from Earth instead.

While fans who have already seen the first two episodes of Marvel's The Inhumans on IMAX this weekend have some idea of what might lie ahead with the Inhumans leaving Attilan for Earth, showrunner Scott Buck told Entertainment Weekly that getting to Earth is just the first step. It's how they react to their new environment and who they encounter that will be the real story for the royal family.

"Some are scared, some are curious, some are better prepared for it than others, but they each have their own unique adventure on Earth because it all affects the in different ways," Buck explained.

Audiences have already seen some of those unique adventures on Earth in promos for the series shared ahead of the IMAX release, including Medusa rocking a buzz cut doing battle on Earth with one of Maximus' loyalists and Black Bolt stopping traffic with Lockjaw in tow, but Buck promises that there is much more to come.

"They all come into contact with different people, who shape their experiences in different ways."

And some of those ways just might not be good for the Inhumans, especially if Henry Ian Cusick's Dr. Evan Declan is involved.

"[He's] an independent researcher who has been testing Inhumans on Earth," Buck said.

The Inhumans is now playing in IMAX theaters and will premiere on ABC September 29th.

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