How 'Marvel Legacy' Paves The Way For The Return Of The Fantastic Four

Ever since they disappeared from at the end of Secret Wars, Marvel Comics has been keeping the Fantastic Four on the back burner. The Human Torch became an Avenger and helped the Inhumans, while the Thing joined the Guardians of the Galaxy and SHIELD.

But the return of Marvel’s First Family was heavily teased throughout the pages of Marvel Legacy #1.

The one shot was meant to tee off the new wave of stories in the wake of Secret Empire, where the House of Ideas takes a back to basics approach with some of their characters and titles. Marvel Two-in-One was heavily teased with series artist Jim Cheung, in which Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm reunite to learn the truth of what happened to their teammates.

marvel legacy fantastic four return 1
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

And though one of those pages contained strong Fantastic Four imagery, with the Thing launching the Four’s patented signal flair into they air, the closing pages might have the biggest implications for Reed and Sue Richards’ return.

As we previously reported, Valeria and Franklin Richards have a long-awaited reappearance in the issue. But their significance in Marvel Legacy isn’t a mere cameo — Valeria’s narration is actually chronicling the events.

And in the issue’s closing scene when Franklin beckons her to explore yet another new universe, he specifically mentions “dad,” their father Reed.

marvel legacy fantastic four return 1
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

For those who aren’t keeping track, Reed was given the ability to remake the multiverse in the closing moments of Secret Wars after successfully wresting control of Battleworld from Doctor Doom. The Molecule Man gifted him the power to recreate the multiverse after the threat of the Beyonders destroyed every other universe.

Alongside Franklin and his god-like mutant abilities and imagination, the children of the Future Foundation have been helping Reed and Sue create and explore the new multiverse. But those exploits have taken place outside the comic book pages.

Until now.

With Valeria and Franklin’s appearance in Marvel Legacy, alongside the launch of Marvel Two-in-One from Jim Cheung and Chip Zdarsky, it seems like Marvel is prepping for a huge return for the Fantastic Four.

Hopefully it’s one that isn’t marred by company politics and the lack of movie rights.

Marvel Legacy #1 is available now.