Rob Liefeld And Deadpool 2's Cable Give Young Fan Experience Of A Lifetime

The talented crew of 20th Century FOX's Deadpool 2 is hard at work on the sequel, but they still set aside some time to make a young fan's wish come true.

That young fan is Jack Shields, who had the chance to see the Deadpool 2 thanks to the hard work of Children's Wish British Columbia & Yukon. Jack arrived at the set in a stylish ride, where he then had the chance to meet Deadpool and Cable creator Rob Liefeld. Liefeld shared a photo of Jack holding an autographed Katana next to his named emblazoned chair and had amazing things to say about the experience.

"I can’t even begin to tell what a thrill it was to hang out with this amazing young man," Liefeld said. "Such an inspiration! I met Mighty Jack Shields through @childrenswishfoundation @childrenswish and I’m feeling his inspiration many days later! Great to meet you, Jack! #childrenswishfoundation #childrenswish #adaytoremember."

Liefeld wasn't the only part of the team Jack got to meet either. Jack had the chance to hang out with Cable himself Josh Brolin, who appeared in full costume to take a photo with the young man as they flaunted their muscles.

"Cable and the fearless Jack Shields hanging out on set 💪💪A big thank you to @childrenswishfoundation for making wishes come true! #weprevail #childrenareourfuture #IGPH #herestoyouJack #cable."

Jack's mother Crystal Shields couldn't be happier with how things turned out, thanking everyone for making a moment her son will never forget. "A huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone on set," Shields said. "Jack had the best day of his life!"

While characters like Cable and Deadpool might not be the most conventional of heroes, they know how to make things happen when it matters. Taking time out to make a child's day like this is certainly something any hero would be proud of, and surely Jack will always remember it.

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