New 'Civil War' Concept Art Shows Captain America vs Giant-Man

Captain America: Civil War did not introduce Scott Lang to the MCU, but it did house one of the hero’s biggest moments. The blockbuster saw Ant-Man team up with Cap for an all-out airport battle, and the hero whipped out his Giant-Man form out of nowhere.

However, in some parallel world, it looks like Giant-Man came close to fighting Captain America.

Over on Instagram, Andy Park shared new concept artwork he penned for the recent sequel. The artist has shared plenty behind-the-scenes looks into his Civil War portfolio, but his most recent post showed what would’ve happen if Captain America turned on Ant-Man.

“Closeup of one of the Ant-Man/Giant-Man keyframes I illustrated for Captain America: Civil War,” Park captioned the drawing.

“Yes, I know Cap & him were on the same side, but not in an early draft of the script. I'm glad he eventually went on #TeamCap Makes more sense.”

As you can see above, Park’s artwork shows Ant-Man looking forward while Captain America strikes him from underneath. The hero is seen knocking Giant-Man with his shield, and sparks are shown flying from the impact. However, it does not appear like Scott Lang is too perturbed by the hit.

Obviously, fans didn’t get to see the two heroes fight in Civil War, but the prospect is an interesting one. Giant-Man has size on his side, but Captain America has years of tactical experience on his side. If Spider-Man could take down Giant-Man, then it seems like Cap could do so. That is, if the First Avenger ever got around to see Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back...

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