Netflix And Marvel Also Cancel The Punisher Event In Paris Due To Las Vegas Tragedy

The country in many ways is still trying to process what happened in Las Vegas, and Marvel and Netflix are canceling some Punisher events at NYCC2017 because of it.

The new Punisher series was set to be a primary focus for Marvel and Netflix at New York Comic Con over the weekend, but due to the tragic events in Las Vegas, those panels were canceled. It's the same reason that Marvel and Netflix have now canceled an upcoming Punisher event in Paris, which was scheduled for Saturday (via Variety).

The event was titled Nuit Noire, which translates to Black Night, and was set to be held at the Cirque d'Hiver. The historic site is also home to the world's oldest permanent circus, a fitting place to debut the first two episodes of The Punisher, which would have been coordinated with New York Comic Con. Those plans have been scrapped now, as Marvel and Netflix didn't feel spotlighting a show very violent in nature would be appropriate at this time.

The show follows Frank Castle, who debuted in Marvel's Netflix universe during Daredevil season 2. His tragic past was a focal point of his time there, and will again be a focus in the upcoming series. Daredevil's Karen Page will also be making the jump with him, though it isn't confirmed if she is the only one from the others shows to appear.

The Punisher is one of the darker characters in the Marvel Universe, thanks to his hardline stance on justice, something he has frequently clashed with other heroes over in the past. Bernthal's depiction received rave reviews during Daredevil season 2, and while the series will be violent, that isn't all there is to the show or the character.

Frank is "a man on a mission again," Bernthal says, adding what showrunner Steve Lightfoot is trying to do is "ask the question 'What do you do when that's over? What do you find out about yourself when you realize there’s nothing left? What is his purpose?' There’s an introspective bent in trying to figure that out. He finds something to fight for, something new to believe in."

The Punisher is set to debut on Netflix later this year.

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