'Guardians Of The Galaxy': New Ego Concept Art Released

It’s no secret that films Marvel Studios make are some of Hollywood’s biggest productions. The budgets are enormous and the movie house faces incredible pressure — both critically and commercially — every time they push out a movie.

So it’d only make sense that the studios would work with the movie’s producers and directors to put out the best possible product, right?

In the pre-production phase, each movie works with a team of concept artists to bring all of the ideas floating around to life. Take Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 for example — it’s a cosmic-based adventure with all sorts of out of this world ideas.

Since Vol. 2 has premiered and subsequently release on home media, we’ve gotten all sorts concept art of ideas that could have been used. We saw some very unique drawings of Mainframe — Miley Cyrus’ character that was in the movie for five second — and all sorts of looks for each of the main characters.

Now, thanks to concept artist Michael Kutsche, we have a very unique look at early concept art for Ego the Living Planet.

Unused early concept art for Ego under the codename J'Son - by Michael Kutsche from marvelstudios

The picture — posted on reddit — shows a much different character than what we ended up with in Kurt Russell. The art shows an older, white-haired man with clothing complete with shoulder pads and an enormous collar.

And even though most everyone would agree that Russell knocked it out of the park with his portrayal of the Vol. 2 villain, it’s still fun to look back at the pictures of “what could have been.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is available on digital services, Blu-ray, and DVD now.

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