Excalibur to Reunite in 'X-Men Gold Annual'

Marvel’s UK-based mutant team Excalibur is reuniting in 2018.

Writers Marc Guggenheim (X-Men Gold) and Leah Williams (Secret Empire: Brave New World), and artist Alitha E. Martinez (Black Panther: World of Wakanda) will bring the original Excalibur team of Prestige, Nightcrawler, Meggan, Captain Britain, and Kitty Pryde back together for X-Men Gold Annual #1 in January.

The issue’s cover, by Excalibur co-creator Alan Davis, shows Meggan with a child in her arms. Fans may be quick to assume that she and longtime love Captain Britain have extended their family but is their more to it?

Check out the cover below.

X-Men Gold Annual #1

“Since the launch of ResurrXtion, fans have been wondering when the classic Excalibur team would come together again,” said series editor Chris Robinson in a statement. “With this Annual, Marc, Leah, and Alitha have painstakingly put together a love letter to them and the classic series we’re all still talking about!”

Excalibur was created by Davis and longtime X-Men writer Chris Claremont. The team first appeared in Excalibur Special Edition in 1987.

Excalibur was formed by Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, and Prestige (then operating under the Phoenix codename) at a time when they believed the other X-Men to be dead. Kitty and Nightcrawler had been recovering from injuries on Muir Island and joined up with British superhero Captian Britain and the changeling Meggan to form a new team based in the United Kingdom.

The original Excalibur ongoing series concluded after 125 issues, at which point Kitty and Nightcrawler rejoined the other X-Men in the United States, who were very much alive after all, and Meggan and Captain Britain, who was depowered at the time, were married.

Two more volumes of the series followed, plus New Excalibur in 2005 and spiritual successors X-Men: Die by the Sword and Captain Britain and MI:13, but this will be the first time that the original team has reunited in several years.

Prestige, Kitty Pryde, and Nightcrawler are all current members of the core X-Men team featured in Guggenheim’s X-Men Gold series.

X-Men Gold Annual #1 goes on sale in stores January 2018.