Marvel Announces Venom And X-Men Crossover 'Poison X'

Venom and the X-Men are about to meet in a crossover event Marvel fans never knew they wanted.

The “Poison X” six-part crossover will see Venom, aka Eddie Brock teaming up with the time-displaced original five X-Men – Jean Grey, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, and Angel – and the son of Wolverine from the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Jimmy Hudson, in order to battle the Poisons, the new enemies introduced in the Venomverse event, in outer space.

The unlikely team of symbiote and mutants may be the only line of defense the Earth has against the Poison threat.

X-Men Blue Annual #1 Cover

In the Venomverse event, the alien species known as the Poisons discovered that they were capable of assimilating klyntar, the alien symbiote race that the Venom symbiote belongs to, and their hosts to become stronger themselves. A version of Doctor Strange from another universe who was bonded to Venom took it upon himself to assemble an army of Venoms from across the multiverse to oppose the Poisons before they assimilated every version of Venom in existence.

It took most of the Venom resistance sacrificing themselves in order to stop the Poison threat, but not all of the Poisons were defeated. Poison Doctor Doom survived and reported back to his Poison master, Poison Thanos. Now that Poison Thanos is aware of the existence of other realities, he plans to conquer the entire multiverse. Is the “Poison X” crossover the moment that Poison Thanos and his army discover the Earth-616 timeline?

“Poison X” comes from the mind of writer Cullen Bunn, the Venomverse and former Venom writer who currently writes the adventures of the out-of-time X-Men in the pages of X-Men Blue.

The “Poison X” crossover event begins in X-Men Blue Annual #1, hitting stores in January 2018.

Written by CULLEN BUNN