New ‘Guardians’ Concept Art Reveals Stan Lee & The Watchers

Stan Lee has had more than a handful of cameos in the MCU, but one of his most recent on-screen appearances got fans talking. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 brought the comic icon for a rather interesting role. Now, fans can get a new look at Lee’s time with the Watchers thanks to some new concept art.

Over on ArtStation, character designer Michael Kutsche shared a piece of artwork he did for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The image, which can be seen here, shows a 3D rendering of Stan Lee in his space suit approaching the Watchers on an unidentified planet.

“Keyframe and character/costume concept for the Stan Lee cameo shot. I've always wanted to design one of those,” Kutsche captioned the concept work.

If you don’t recall how Lee fit into the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, then you should know it involved lots of space talk. The writer was shown when Rocket and Yondu pushed the limit of their spacecraft’s speed to help save the Guardians from Ego. The duo jumped through a few dimensions to get there on time, and one of them housed Lee as the man told a group of Watchers about his escapades in the MCU.

Of course, Lee’s layered cameo led fans to think there was more to his appearance than they may have assumed. Some went so far as to think Lee was playing a Watcher known as Uatu, a very ancient alien who observed Earth for centuries. However, James Gunn was quick to dismiss the theory in an interview with Collider.

“Well, I wouldn’t say you saw Uatu. I would say that you saw some Watchers,” the director stressed.

“Stan Lee clearly exists above and apart from the reality of all the films, so the notion that he could be sitting there, on a cosmic pit stop, during the jump gate sequence in Guardians was something very fun,” the producer continued. “James had that idea and we shot that cameo and loved it so much that you see it a couple of times in the movie. It wasn’t in there, for a long time, and we put it back in, towards the end of the process.”

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