'Gambit' Still Slated to Film in New Orleans

The years stuck in development limbo appear to be over for the Gambit movie and as things move forward it looks like the X-Men spinoff will still be filming in New Orleans.

Omega Underground reports that 20th Century Fox plans on filming Gambit in New Orleans. The city has been the planned location for the upcoming film as late as March 2016, when the studio was last schedule to film there.

New Orleans is a central location in the history of the film's character, Remy LeBeau. For those unfamiliar, LeBeau, also known as Gambit, is a mutant with the ability to manipulate and control kinetic energy, among other abilities. Born in New Orleans, he was raised within the Thieves' Guild, becoming a master theif. The character also has a distinctive Cajun accent, which further makes New Orleans an ideal filming location.

News that Gambit is planning to film in New Orleans is just the latest recent update on the once-stalled film. Earlier this week it was revealed that an important character in LeBeau's story, Candra The Benefactress may be the film's central villain, though it’s also been rumored that the Mr. Sinister may also be an important villain to the story. In addition to speculation about villains, it was also reported last week that the Gambit movie is looking at a February 2019 release date – on Valentine’s Day to be exact.

As with all of the recent updates on Gambit, there has been no official word from Fox about filming location, characters or plot but even if just speculation, it's exciting for fans to see forward motion on the project as things speed up on the eagerly-awaited film.

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