'Marvel's Runaways' Has Wrapped Production

The first season of Marvel's Runaways has officially wrapped production, according to a tweet from one of its cast members.

James Marsters, who will play Victor Stein on the upcoming Hulu series, recently celebrated the season's wrap party on his Twitter. He proclaimed that the wrap party was "such a great time", and that "everyone" in the show is cool.

Marsters will presumably play a big role in Runaways, as a member of the evil supervillain group The Pride. As viewers already saw in the New York Comic Con trailer, this group of evil parents will kickstart the entire series, as their children are forced to band together. Even the season's second episode will reportedly tell the story of the pilot from The Pride's point of view.

Runaways has been a much-anticipated portion of Marvel's live-action outputs, largely thanks to the beloved original and reboot comic series. Facets of the show have gradually been confirmed over time, such as the appearance of Old Lace and The Gibborim.

The series might still be a month away from debuting, but early reactions suggest that the wait will absolutely be worth it. Critics have been praising the show for several months, with ComicBook.com highlighting it's adherence to the source material. And if you've been holding out on subscribing to Hulu, a recent price change might help.

Runaways will premiere on Hulu on November 21st.

Marvel's RunawaysTuesday at 8 PM ET on Hulu

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