The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Is All In On 'The Punisher'

Norman Reedus has his hands full with the undead, but that didn't stop him from showing some support for his buddy, The Punisher.

Yep, Daryl Dixon and the Punisher are good friends actually, as the current Frank Castle Jon Bernthal used to be Dixon's old friend Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead. Reedus knows what Bernthal is capable of, and that's why he can't wait to see the Punisher in action.

"It feels great," Reedus told Deadline. "Jon’s one of my best friends. I talk to Jon all the time. I’m proud of him and I’m going to support his show. I wear Punisher hats and t-shirts all the time when I’m in public doing public things. I think Jon kicks ass in everything he does, and he’s a really hard worker, and he’s super honest, and you know, he kills it every single time."

Come to think of it, there aren't many others who would be more useful in a Zombie apocalypse than good ole Frank Castle. The guy is like a demented MacGyver, resourceful enough to take someone out (including the undead) with a sock and a toothpick. Why those? No reason, but if you're honest, you know he could make it work.

Bernthal played Rick Grimes' best friend Shane during the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, despite the character coming to an end much sooner in the comics. Shane turned out to be quite popular on the show, and you could already see the foundations for a convincing Punisher as he went a bit unhinged several times on Herschel's farm.

That unhinged nature would eventually lead to his death, as he attempted to kill Rick. Rick instead killed Shane, though it would be Rick's son Carl (or Kurrl as it were) that dealt the final blow, shooting a reanimated Shane in the head before he could bite his dad.

Frank Castle trades in zombies for scumbags and corrupt politicians, but as fans saw in the first trailer, that doesn't mean he is going to be any less efficient when he takes them out.

The Punisher hits Netflix on November 17th.