'Inhumans' Makes Reference to A Member Of The Avengers


Warning: Spoilers for this week's episode of Inhumans ahead.

The first season of Inhumans is well underway and six episodes in, the show had its first larger Marvel Cinematic Universe moment.

It's a far from a true crossover, one of the show's characters did namedrop a character that all MCU fans will know.

While trying to mark her location so that other members of the Royal Family could find her, Crystal (Isabelle Cornish) used her powers to summon lightning bolts in hopes someone would notice.

With the islander named Dave on site with her to see her powers in full display, her new-found boyfriend made a mention that it resembled the "God of Thunder."

Although it's not a crossover that'll satisfy the palate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most rabid fans, it's still a solid nod to the ever-expanding universe.

And who knows, with still two episodes left before the show wraps up its inaugural season, there's still always the slight chance that we could catch a glimpse of Coulson and Company. At least we can hope, right?

Fans can watch Inhumans Friday nights on ABC at 9/8 cst.

Marvel's The InhumansFriday at 9 PM ET on ABC

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