'Agents of SHIELD' Season 5 Episode 10: "Past Life" Recap With Spoilers

Kasius boards the Zephyr One and discovers Sinara’s corpse. His men search the ship while the SHIELD team returns to the Lighthouse. Tess is worried about the dead Inhumans who Kasius may still be trying to revive. Yo-Yo volunteers to take care of it. Coulson promises Deke that they won’t leave until humanity controls its own future.

Kasius demands his doctor bring back Sinara. The doctor says it can’t be done for a Kree. Kasius kills the doctor. One of Kasius’s men brings Kasius Robin’s drawings. He sees a drawing of the monolith and realizes they are trying to go back, just as his own seer said they would. He decides to kill them now before they can go back and resist his father’s attempts to claim Earth. He orders his Inhuman trainer to assemble a force to fight SHIELD. The trainer says the remaining Inhumans are barely trained. Kasius feeds the trainer a poisonous substance that turns him into a berserker.

As Mack and Flint search the Lighthouse, Mack tells Flint that he can come back in time with them and live with him and Yo-Yo if he wants.

Coulson, May, Daisy, and Deke rescue the Inhumans from Kasius. They’re forced to fight the berserker trainer. Daisy kills him.

Tess finds Deke as he’s leading the Inhumans onto the trawler. Coulson talks to Tess, empathizing over his own experience with the Kree’s resurrection technology. Tess takes off in the trawler.

Kasius realizes that his seer is either out of foresight or has been deceiving him. He takes the berserker substance with him to go use her to send a final message.

Yo-Yo discovers her future self is being held prisoner by Kasius. This Yo-Yo was killed by Kasius and resurrected to use her DNA. She’s been killed and resurrected over and over again. She’s the seer who has been keeping Kasius informed about SHIELD’s plans. She says they’re both stuck in the loop. They make it back in time, and then they still cause everything that happens in the future.

Enoch is working in the lab on the Zephyr One. Someone has noticed him and is trying to break in. Enoch kills the first of them, but says they only have 12 minutes left. Deke volunteers to go fight to protect Enoch. The time travelers can’t go because they need to be at the rendezvous when the monolith goes off. Daisy tries to argue, but Deke talks her down and says she needs to go home and be a hero.

Simmons tries to talk Flint through how to form the new monolith. She tries to get him to focus on what makes the piece of the monolith they have unique. A group of Kree guards interrupts them, but Fitz decapitates them all with a wire trap. Simmons is shocked.

Yo-Yo tries to get more information out of her future self. Yo-Yo remembers being angry that she couldn’t change Coulson’s choices. She’s says fighting back is what made the future happen.

Daisy tells May and Coulson that she’s not going with them. Daisy says this way they know the future doesn’t happen. Coulson says the world is always in danger. Daisy says this is her last stand. Coulson says he needs Daisy to lead. He ICEs her.

Future Yo-Yo tells her past self that Coulson is dying, and they need to let him. Coulson has a black scar spreading on his chest. He knows it. They tried to change it out of loyalty and ruined everything. Yo-Yo tries to convince her future self to go with her. Her future-self shows that both of her arms have been amputated, and says this is not her path.

Flint floats in space in a spacesuit. The Kree break into Enoch’s lab on the Zephyr One. The Kree slices into Enoch’s skull. Kasius visits his seer.

A Kree force is assembling. They see Flint summoning rock outside. He uses the rocks to break the windowed wall in Kasius’s suite.

Enoch is rescued by Deke. The machine was damaged in the fight.

Simmons takes Kasius’s slave device out of one of the servants. The rest of the team meets them at the rendezvous point except for Yo-Yo. Flint reforms the monolith.

Mack goes searching for Yo-Yo. He finds Kasius holding a blade to future Yo-Yo’s neck. Kree surround Mack. Kasius drinks the berserker substance then slices Yo-Yo’s throat. Kasius leaps at Mack and attacks.

Deke struggles to repair the machine. Enoch says the Zephyr is too damaged to power the machine, but his own battery can do it. He will die in the process, and he’s willing to do it, but it will cause an explosion that will kill Deke as well.

Coulson realizes that the machine is going to explode and invites Flint to go with them. He decides to stay behind and takes the other servant with them. They’re only waiting on Mack and Yo-Yo.

Kasius is pummeling Mack. Simmons finds them, sneaks behind Kasius, and puts one of his own slave devices in his ear. He stumbles about and Mack runs him through with his shotgun-ax. Present Yo-Yo finds them.

Deke hooks Enoch up to the machine, but Enoch is dying sooner than expected. The machine begins firing up. Simmons, Mack, and Yo-Yo run for the monolith. The machine goes up, the monolith triggers.

Flint tells Tess that Deke didn’t make it out. They realize they have a second chance. Tess hands over the tiny globe as Flint’s blueprint for fixing things.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Friday at 9 PM EST on ABC

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Friday at 9 PM EST on ABC

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