You Can Be Iron Man With Hasbro's New AR Helmet

Hasbro's new augmented reality Iron Man helmet gives fans the opportunity to become the Iron Avenger. Engadget shared an in-depth review of the Hero Vision Iron Man AR helmet, which turns your smart phone into Tony Stark's famous heads-up display seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

(Photo: Kris Naudus via Engadget)

The plastic headpiece doesn't quite operate like Stark's digital assistants, J.A.R.V.I.S. or F.R.I.D.A.Y., but instead is a "basic action game" partially inspired by Avengers: Infinity War.

The game sees you targeting and aiming at enemies by looking their way, using a raised hand to fire. You'll do battle with waves of drones sent forth by Thanos, the universe-threatening big bad responsible for uniting the entirety of the shared Marvel Studios universe in Infinity War.

Reviewer Kris Naudus says the game would be "a fairly generic shooter if it were just a phone game," but notes the magic comes when you're decked out in the Iron Man "armor."

Inside the helmet's eye lens is a device holder and an adjustable eyepiece that is perfect for kids but slightly snug for adult fans. The "low-tech" helmet has no headphones, with the sound instead coming by way of the accompanying handsets.

A hand gauntlet, worn by strapping it around the palm, replicates Iron Man's repulsors. The red gauntlet is used to track hand movements and features pegs meant to hold "Infinity Stones," used in the game as power-ups.

Its first few levels are "a little dull," Naudus writes, but says later levels get "frantic" and up the ante — forcing her to move in different directions, blocking incoming fire and firing off shots of her own.

A freeplay mode is planned and would aim to allow users to play with the H.U.D. turned on but without worry of refilling ammunition or warding off enemies.

Unlike certain big-name console titles that drew controversy over in-game purchases, Hasbro's Iron Man game doesn't involve real-world cash: it's strictly in-game currency that's used to upgrade your armor and weapons.

Physical Infinity Stone toys, available in stores separately later this year, will be available for additional upgrades.

Hasbro's Marvel Hero Vision Iron Man AR helmet will be available this spring for $50.

Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) returns in Avengers: Infinity War, out May 4.