Here's How Much Marvel Superhero New York City Apartments Would Cost

New York is a city of superheroes, at least in Marvel Comics. Daredevil, Iron Fist, Spider-Man and more all call the Big Apple home.

But being a hero? It's not exactly a paid job and while we know some of those heroes either have some family wealth to lean on (we're looking at you Danny Rand,) others have day jobs to help them pay the rent. Exactly how much rent are the heroes paying? In New York, rent can vary widely based on neighborhood, residence type, and whether or not you're providing security to your landlord. To fans an idea of what some of their favorite superheroes are paying for rent, has put together a handy infographic that reveals not only how much Marvel superheroes would pay for rent in real world NYC, but also some interesting information about the location -- real or fictional -- those apartments are in.

iron fist apartment cost

Some of the heroes have surprisingly reasonable rent -- well, reasonable if you consider that most of them have one major issue or another -- while others are a bit extravagant. For example, Danny Rand's childhood home in Gramercy Park which is now Joy Meachum's apartment on Netflix's Iron Fist series would cost $32,000 per month. For that money Joy gets a five-floor, 37-room, 18,000 square foot space with a marble staircase. It's by far the most expensive apartment on's list while Matt Murdock's Hell's Kitchen loft from Daredevil ties with Luke Cage's Harlem apartment for most affordable. Both of those spaces run $2,100 per month, though market rent on Matt’s spacious corner loft apartment is actually $3,000. The hero gets a sizeable discount due to the giant neon billboard directly across the apartment's window. In Luke Cage's case, he got a little break on his rent after he started using his superpowers to protect his landlord, though Luke has since had to find a new place to live. His apartment and the fictional Genghis Connie's Chinese Restaurant it was placed above was kind of destroyed by a rocket launcher.

As for the coolest superhero apartment in New York, there's no competition. Coming in at $3,600 per month, Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum would, in real-life, be a prime Greenwich Village property. The three-story townhouse is a great size in a great location, which probably explains the real reason its exterior was magically disguised as an abandoned building -- Dr. Strange may be a powerful magic user, but even sorcerers like a good deal on their rent.