Jennifer Lawrence Can't Name Five X-Men During Lie Detector Test

Jennifer Lawrence is out doing press for her new movie Red Sparrow, and one of her stops was at Vanity Fair, where the actress to take a lie detector test on camera. As you can see above, the X-Men franchise became part of the test - and needless to say, Jennifer Lawrence, current star of the X-Men franchise, failed pretty spectacularly!

The questions in the test ranged from ridiculous to genuinely deep and probing. It makes for a pretty funny video, where Lawrence - in her own words - actually begins to take the pressures of the test pretty earnestly!

Unfortunately, what the actress initially said she was nervous about, is going to likely manifest: comic book fans all over the Internet are likely going to want to roast her for not being able to name five of the characters from the franchise she's been with since 2011. This article headline alone will likely start the usual talk about how an actor is / is not "worthy" of a comic book role, due to some perceived loyalty (or lack thereof) to the source material.

To be fair, Lawrence's lackluster enthusiasm for the X-Men franchise isn't exactly a secret to the fandom. If anything, it's more surprising that she's still with the franchise, as many expected that X-Men: Apocalypse would be her last run, for sure. Cue the usual "dump truck of money" theorizing behind Lawrence's return for X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

In this next installment, Lawrence's Mystique will actually be leading the X-Men on big missions across the world, as their actions in Apocalypse have made them global heroes. In fact, it's on one of those missions (to space, no less) that the Dark Phoenix force in Jean Grey is born.


There's always room for the twist that Mystique's death could be one of the shocking surprises of the film - and after listening to what Jennifer Lawrence said above, a lot of fans may be okay with that.

The X-Men Movie Universe continues with Deadpool 2 on May 18th; X-Men: Dark Phoenix on November 2nd; and The New Mutants on February 22, 2019.